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Welcome to Solus Per Aqua!

This website will provide you with pertinent information for your wellness needs. Here at Solus, we believe in educating all people with alternatives to achieve wholesomeness. Our unique approach to facilitate wellness includes our service of bringing wellness to our client’s home.

While we continue to expand, it is our goal to provide not only home services, but also to provide the avenue for people to lease or rent our select equipment for usage in the comfort of their homes. Soon you can come to this website and find out information about what devices you can have shipped to your home.

As it is important for Solus to thrive, we understand we cannot thrive alone. We are collaborators within our industry community. This may mean if we are not available to come to you or you come to us, and if renting our devices is not for you– we will recommend you to a wellness business in your area who can provide similar wholesome and wellness services. - Glitter Graphics

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