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Jasmyn Dyson (Pronouns, she/her) was born and raised in the Great Pacific Northwest.
Humble beginnings began in the community of SE Portland, as Jasmyn made it her mission to learn and discover the answers to her spirited intuitions. She set out to sell her oils and her homemade skincare products to her community. Started as a passion, –also to earn extra income as a single college student, it shortly parlayed into a deep passion, to not only learn and discover herself but, also to help others discover wellness for themselves.

Jasmyn struggled with IBS, eczema, and other ailments that go alongside, blinding migraines, sporadic attention-span, irritability, and the inability to sleep. She wanted to learn how to care for her ailments with alternative methods. Alongside, shifting to a plant-based diet and using medicinal herbs, she continued her journey of discovery.

As her studies continue, — she is currently working towards a BA in Human Resources, attending Portland State University. All the while studying in preparation for the I-Act Colonics Hydrotherapy Professional’s certification. Jasmyn also holds an Medical Assistant Degree from Concorde Career College, an AAS in Marketing and AAS in Paralegal Studies both acquired from Portland Community College, and she is a certified Kaasen technician.
Life’s blessings have granted the opportunity to travel around the country with her partner and study firsthand, spa businesses around the US. She found many experiences were top-notch, and others granted her the opportunity to gain experience, brainstorm, and contribute ideas on elements she wanted to implement within her own spa business brand.

All the information encompassed on this website; the brand is the extension of discovery. As she continues to discover and rediscover ways, we as energy beings can tend to ourselves with holistic methods that will contribute to our over wellness from the inside out.

Let us go on the journey of discovery together. There is something here for everyone. Wellness through water– Solus Per Aqua.

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